Warehouse LED Lights: How To Push Your Go Green Initiatives

Warehouse LED Lights: How To Push Your Go Green Initiatives

Depending on how much space you have in your warehouse, the manager or the owner have pretty much an idea how much energy is consumed to keep your facility well-lit. You probably know that a huge part of your earnings go to electricity costs. From the heating and cooling system to your lighting needs, the warehouse is one of the business establishments that require a good amount of energy for its maintenance.

Here are some ways you can implement in your warehouse lighting that will not only save on costs but reduce energy waste as well:

  • Convert all lighting systems to LED light technology.

The lighting system is considered as one of the biggest energy consumer in big space like the warehouse or the parking lot. This is especially true for the warehouse because of its high ceilings which requires high bay lighting fixtures too. By converting all the lights to Led light technology, even if you use high bay technologies with LED light, you can still save as much as 75% on energy consumption. Instead of using fluorescent tubes on hallways, you can choose to use tube LEDs and save an addition 30% on energy costs.

  • Installation of sky lights in all areas could help keep it well-lit.

Imagine if you can keep the space well-lit without spending so much? You can do this by opening up the space to let more natural light in. On stormy days and nights, the LED light bulbs can take care of the warehouse lighting. It isn’t natural light but it looks exactly like it minus the cost. Allow the sun to illuminate the facility when it can and let LED lights take care of the warehouse when the sun is out.

In order to meet its workable conditions, keeping the warehouse can be expensive and tough. Since the initiative is to make the warehouse maintenance energy-efficient and cost-effective, it is highly important that you find the most effective way to make it happen. The goal is to meet the requirements of the company’s operational goals while meeting all workable working conditions.

Lighting Options: How Do I Save Money?

Is it possible to use the same amount of lighting for your home but paying for much less every month? It may seem improbable when you think of it, but not with the new LED light bulb technology. An average household sets aside about 5% of its monthly earnings to pay for the electricity costs. If you want to cut down energy costs, you have to go for lighting that’s not only energy efficient but something that delivers the kind of lighting that you need.

Do you look for the ENERGY STAR seal whenever you buy your light bulbs? If you do, then you can expect as much as 75% savings from your energy bills in one year. New Lighting Standards have taken effect in 2012 and each one promises to provide you with money-saving options. Halogen incandescent, CFL and LEF light technology are just three of the most commonly bought lighting fixtures for both home and office space.

Which of these options can help you save money? Read more about them to find out:

  • Halogen Incandescent

It comes with a capsule inside that holds gas to help increase its energy efficiency. They are available in various shapes and colors, depending on what you need. They can be used to for mood lighting as well. Halogen incandescent light bulbs have passed the minimum energy efficiency requirement of the government. Although energy efficient, there are other options in the market that prove to be more energy saving than this.

  • CFLs

Compact Fluorescent Lamps or more popularly referred to as CFLs are simple yet the curly version of the popular fluorescent lamps. Compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs, CFLs uses less energy to be able to light up the kitchen or garage space. Typically, CFL bulbs can last you for a good nine to ten months and they will have to be replaced. It uses about one-third of the energy that halogen incandescent light bulbs use.

  • LED

Lighting Emitting Diodes or LED have become popular over the last few years because of its outstanding technology. These are semi-conductors that convert electricity into light. LED lights are white in general but they come in a variety of types suiting every need you may have. LED light bulbs are not only energy-efficient but they can help you save on costs too because they don’t need to be replaced until after ten or so years of use. At an average, if you use a LED light bulb for 12 hours each day, it can last you for twenty years without needing to be replaced.

Now, which of these types of lighting can save you on costs? It is up to you to decide.

Top Three Reasons Why LED Lamps Are Better For Business

LED light technology has become one of the leading options when it comes to commercial lighting. A lot of business owners have realized the value that comes with every LED light bulb and they could not help but uncover more of its benefits as they use it at home and in their office space. Indeed, LED lighting technology has changed the way people think about business lighting. It isn’t just about simple lighting anymore. It is about finding the lighting technology that help cut down the cost by half.

You must have read a lot about LED lighting before you decided to try it out for your business. You wanted to see if the technology truly delivers what it promised. So if you have yet to change the rest of the lights in the office to LED lights, here are the top three reasons why LED lamps are better for business:

First, LED light bulbs are good for business precisely because they don’t need to be replaced as often as incandescent light bulbs. Led lights usually last for about ten years or maybe even longer. With proper use, business owners don’t have to worry about having their Led bulbs replaced ever so often. This technology is designed to last longer than the others to keep it from adding to the waste that destroys the earth slowly. More so, it also cuts down replacement costs by as much as 50%.

Second, using Led lamps for your business allows you to influence your target clients without being blunt about it. Instead of the usual techniques that you use to convince them to make a purchase, the use of LED lights will make them see your products and services in a different light. Because you now have better lighting installed in your office space, you can expect clients to come in and enjoy the lighting in your company. Clients who have a good lighting experience in an office tend to come back for more; thus, the visits translates to more sales on your end.

Lastly, good lighting makes it easier for your clients to recognize the difference between your products and those offered by your competitors. The lighting technology itself will allow them to see the goodness that comes in every package that comes from you. The lighting also gives them a positive attitude towards the products that you offer simply because LED lights make them focus more to see how they can benefit from buying from you.

LED Bulb For Every Room: How Do You Choose?

Sunlight brings about a handful of benefits for people and one of which is energy. But did you know that LED light bulbs practically offer similar benefits? Led bulbs are found out to be good producers of serotonin or the blue light waves that helps keep people focused in what they are doing. Apart from that, the same chemical compound helps keep people awake and alert whenever they need to.

On the other hand, LED light bulbs do not emit blue light waves; thus, it allows the human brain to produce melatonin which helps keep people feel relaxed and drowsy to prepare them for a good night’s sleep. Indeed, LED light bulbs stays true to its word when it says that it offers as many benefits to humans as the sun does.

When you decide to use light bulbs at home, you were told that they were not all the same. So how do you know which light bulb to use for every part of the house? Here’s a guide to help you:

  • Kitchen

The kitchen has to be well-lit so that you can see what you’re cooking and whether or not it is done. So if you are looking at buying Led light bulbs for the kitchen, make sure to get the ones that produce the higher temperatures because they produce very white light. Because these light bulbs can be very bright, it may seem to mimic daylight, allowing you to cook as if it were always day time.

  • Living Room

This is the part of the home that’s reserved for the guests. It depends upon the type of mood you’d like to set at the room where you entertain your guests. Perhaps it would be best to go for medium-temperature LED light bulbs. This is to make sure that you achieve the kind of ambience that’s relaxing yet you can still see each other while you talk.

  • Bed Room

Lower temperature LED light bulbs produces warmer, dimmer lights making them perfect for the mood you’d like to set in the bedroom. Since it produces light like that of the bonfire, it helps calm you down and prepare you for sleep.

It may be a common misconception that the brightness of the LED light bulbs depends on the Watts that it is able to consume. Sadly, Watts is used to measure the amount of energy used by every light bulbs. If you are not sure if you are buying the lower of the higher energy containing LED lights, don’t hesitate to ask.

LED Lights For Business: What Difference Do They Make?

Are you looking at buying LED lights for your shop? You must have heard a lot of good things about it, especially those that use it in their homes. Friends must have been told you of the savings that it comes with and how it changed their life for the better. These stories, are perhaps, the reason why you’d like to know if it would make a difference in your business. Would it make you save on overhead costs? Would it pull down your electrical expenses?

In truth, the technology of LED lights has indeed brought about remarkable changes in the lives of many people and in several industries too. Perhaps the only setback that people have on the use of LED lights is its cost. In can be quite expensive to buy each bulb, but when you look at the long term benefits that it comes with, you will realize how truly beneficial it is to use LED lights over those traditional incandescent lights.

But what difference will it make in your business? Here are some of the things that you can expect:

  • First, it shall bring about good lighting back in your shop. Whether it is to highlight a particular product or put all your beautiful products in light, then it’s achievable with LED lighting. It is perfect for mood lighting too. The extra lighting effect that LED technology comes with helps clients find the products that they want to buy. When they see the other products that you offer, they might just decide to buy it without the need for extra convincing.
  • Second, LED lighting technology creates an ambience that inspires clients to come in. If they are not your clients yet, well lighting using LED bulbs will make them want to come in the shop and look around. In this way, not only did you get their attention, but you have also inspired them from mere passers-by into paying clients.
  • Lastly, LED lighting technology makes the people in the business more productive. Because their work space is now well-lit, they are now more inspired to finish the task and accomplish more than they usually do. The technology itself allows people to discover what they can do and unlock their capacity to do more.

The huge difference that LED lighting makes for business cannot be undermined. It’s the kind of technology that makes you want to try it because it gives you a return of investement tenfolds.

How To Choose Lighting For Your Kid’s Room?

Designing your child’s room may be one of the most exciting parts of building a new home. It can bring about a different level of creativity among parents. In fact, you begin to see colors in different shades in your desire to find the right one that will suit your child’s personality. Also, as a parent, you want to make sure that the lighting in your child’s room will help him find the see things inside his room without straining his eyes. But how do you find the right lighting technology?

Here are a few things you need to remember when choosing the right lighting technology for your kid’s room?

  • First, you need to make sure that the lights you put in your child’s room are energy efficient. They will use it whenever they come home from school, while they are doing their homework and even while they are leisurely reading the book they love. The lights in your child;s room should be energy efficient to avoid overspending on your part. Since the lights will be used more often, you want to make sure that it doesn’t cost the family much to pay for the electrical expense it consumes.
  • Second, you want to make sure that the lighting technology you use will help them in the reading and other tasks that they have to do. Whether it is for school or for play, your child’s lighting in the room should help them complete the reading that they need to do when they need to do it. Not only does it enhance their comprehension, but it allows them to focus and complete the tasks at hand.
  • Lastly, when choosing the right lighting technology, you want to make sure that it is environment-friendly too. This is one of the first fee steps you can take to instil in your child the value of using things that are not harming the environment. When they know that they are not contributing to the destruction of the environment through the use of LED light technology, they will appreciate that you allow them to do their part as a child of the earth.

It can be challenging to find the right lighting technology for your child’s room not because there are no options but because it can be hard to tell the good technology from the bad ones. Just keep in mind that LED lights are not only cost-efficient, but they are environment friendly too.

LED Lights At Home: What Are Its Effects On The Kids?

Are you considering having the lights in the house changed into LED bulbs? You must have heard a lot of people speak of how much savings they’re getting every month from the use of LED light technology. Some family friends even told you how much it has made their home better. Thought quite expensive than other light bulbs, LED technology promises to provide you with better home experience you never thought possible.

This promise is what makes you think twice about getting LED lights or keeping the old ones. Every parent only wants the best for their kids and if LED lights means better living experience for the kids, it is simply what you want to give them. But how does LED lighting affect children and their experience of growing up?

LED lighting means clearer lights for children. Because it means good lighting, children tend to feel more eager to do their take home activities from school. They are also inspired to do a little advance studying on their own too. LED lights provide good lighting for children that’s why they are more akin to doing more when they are at home.

LED lighting technology also allows children to discover more while doing the activities that they are expected to do. Their eagerness to learn more about the world around them is fuelled by the good lighting that they are getting in the house. The lights will make it seem like they have more energy; thus, the learning never stops for them.

LED lights installed at home also brings about positive vibes for people in the house. Children tend to behave more knowing that the lights will reveal the nasty things that they do. With LED lights, parents could see the difference in how their kids act around them. The lights will remind the kids that their parents can see what it is that they may be doing wrong, that’s why they exert extra effort to make sure that they only do what they were told to do and not otherwise.

LED lighting is good lighting and it comes with strangely good effects on children. Apart from setting the right mood for the kids to learn more, LED lighting also keeps them from developing eye problems at a young age. Good lighting makes them read at home with ease and comfort.

If you can provide the best for your children, wouldn’t you? LED lighting is indeed one of the investments that parents make not only for the home but better yet for their children.

Impact Of Indoor Lighting On Children’s Learning

Have you ever wondered if the lighting in your house affects the way your children learn? Although you have carefully considered the amount of light they’ll be getting whenever they are at a particular place in the house, you haven’t really thought of the impact of your choice of bulb in the way you children learn the things around them. Perhaps in making the choice of which lighting fixture to put in the house you have considered budgetary constraints. You’d like to buy LED lights but they are quite expensive for comfort.

Indeed, LED light technology can seem too expensive at a glance. Compared to the other traditional light bulbs in the market, LED lights cost a bit more. Hence, people who would like to use it are taken aback and have second thoughts about whether or not they are worth it. Perhaps when they read more about the impact of good lighting technology on the learning of their children, they won’t think much about the cost.

Here are some of the impacts of LED indoor lighting:

  • Good lighting helps children see better. When they are able to see better, they tend to become more curious about the things around them. Curiosity fuels their imagination and their drive to learn. With good LED lighting, parents can see their children seeing more and learning more in the process too.
  • Good lighting technology encourages children to read more. Because they can see the text on the book better, they are likely to continue reading. Compared to the time when the house uses incandescent light bulbs, children who live in homes with LED lights tend to grow up readers.
  • Good lighting allows children to see the things around them in a good light. The lighting helps them in accomplishing the tasks they need to complete for school without complaints of any eye strain or eye twitching. Good lighting keeps your children’s eyes healthy.

Apart from all the positive impacts that LED technology has on children, it also comes with benefits for the entire family as well. LED light technology is better technology precisely because it can serve you longer than the average light bulb. Also, it uses less electricity; thus, that means savings too on your monthly expenses. Finally, LED technology provides lighting beyond compare. It is not only clear white light, but it is light that will encourage children to stop, look and be amazed by what they can see.

Reading Under LED Lights: How Does It Benefit You?

You are looking at changing the light bulbs in your home into LED. However, you’re not quite sure if the light bulbs are worth the investment. When you saw how much each bulb was sold for, you were a bit taken aback by the cost. That’s why you had second thoughts about installing LED light bulbs in your home. The price tag on each one would be a huge amount for you when bought altogether. Perhaps reading through this article would help you understand why you should make the purchase.

Are you fond of reading? Whether it is the morning paper or your inspiration book before going to bed, you want to make sure that you get good lighting. It isn’t just about giving your eyes the right protection, it also means so much more. Here are some of the ways reading under LED lights can benefit you:

  • Reading is one of those activities that you have to do with utmost focus. If you are not focused on what you are reading, you wouldn’t be able to understand anything. More so, you would end up feeling tired right when you are in the middle of doing it; thus, you end up dismissing the thought of reading altogether. Reading under LED light bulbs will encourage you to keep your focus while reading.
  • Reading makes you learn a lot of new things. With LED lighting technology, the learning doesn’t have to stop. You can enjoy reading no matter what time of day it is. Reading before going to bed at night stimulates the brain allowing you to bring happy thoughts as you transition into the dream phase.
  • Reading under LED light bulbs makes you understand the material more. It is very important that you fully understand what you read to feel accomplished. Reading is one of those self-help activities that you can at any given time of the day or night. When you have LED light bulbs in the house, you don’t have to worry about finding the right spot where you can sit down and read all you want. The entire house is the perfect place to read and enjoy.

Reading is an activity that makes you discover worlds you have never been to and understand the world you are in. With the right light bulbs at home, who knows? You might be inspiring the people around you to go back to reading too.

Dim Light: How Does It Affect Your Reading?

Your daughter loves to read her books before going to bed in dim lights. She said it helps her fall asleep. But will reading under dim lights damage her eyes? You must have asked the people around you about this and they all have the same answer – Yes, it will damage your child’s eyes if she doesn’t stop doing it. But do experts think of dim lights the same way?

In truth, conventional wisdom may have claimed that reading under dim lights may damage the eyes, but experts say otherwise. Children who love to read in the night under their covers may rejoice in this fact. This myth about reading under dim lights may not be true but one could not deny that such activity has its negative effects on children.

Dim lights make it very difficult for the eyes to see what you are trying to look at; thus, they have to work double time to make sure that you can read what you want to read. When done frequently, the eyes may not be able to cope up with the stress that comes with reading under dim lights and they might suffer from eyes strain. It is a condition when the eyes get so tired that they start to feel painful. Sometimes, children may end up with slightly reddish eyes as an effect of the eye strain.

Dim lights also affects the ability of the children to focus. The lack of focus could bring their grades spiralling down. Because they’ve been reading under dim light ever so often, then end up losing their focus on things altogether. Soon, they might develop the lack of ability to concentrate in school and end up not finishing their school work at all.

Dim lights can be very challenging for the eyes thus it may put the visuals of the children at risk. They might experience drying of the eyes can cause a tinge of pain. Because reading in dim lights could cause the children to blink less often, their eyes would start to feel uncomfortable. As a result, they might end up giving up reading altogether. Reading under dim lights may not cause any direct damage to the eyes, but it could have its negative effects on children’s well-being and behaviour.

Luckily, children don’t have to suffer. With LED light technology, they can get good lighting for their reading, without the lights being too harmful to the eyes. Parents now have several LED lighting wattage options they could choose from.