Go Green With LED Technology

It is every business owners’ desire to keep their expenses low while keeping energy emissions low to reduce its harmful effects on the environment. However, not all lighting options for businesses offer both security for the business and the environment. Most of the offers energy efficiency, but could not provide assurance for being environment-friendly.

There is always that conscious effort on the side of the business owners to reduce the energy they require for the making, packing and distribution of their products or rendering of their services. One good way to do this is to switch to more energy efficient lighting systems and that is when LED lighting technology comes in handy.

Why switch to LED lights?

If it is for sustainability of the business and the environment, it is LED light technology that brings in the whole package. It provide proper lighting to businesses no matter the nature and its lifespan is longer than the others it competes with in the market. Its estimated usage could last up to 6000 hours. If used for a whole 24 hours each day, the business establishment could use it for a good ten years and longer if it is used for much less time.

LED lights create energy by running the current between two electrodes. It uses only 10% of the electricity that traditional lighting fixtures do, making it the more efficient option. Technically, it is a lot safer to use too as it does not generate heat no matter how long it has been used.

How will it benefit the business?

If it is efficiency and reliability that businesses want, then it is LED lighting technology that they need. Such technology offers a wide range of benefits which includes the following:

  • There will be less waste disposal. Compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs, LED light bulbs don’t need to be change until after ten years or so. Because it is changed less frequently than its competition, there is very little or no waste disposal, making the business more environment-friendly.
  • LED lighting distributes the lights better too. Not only does it produce light that mimic natural light, it gives light to more spaces too. It provides light for a much bigger space, making you need less lights to use for a particular area.
  • LED light’s lifespan is longer too making you save on buying new bulbs to have them replaced. There is hardly ever any need to replace them compared to those with shorter lifespan.

Car Dealership: How LED Lights Can Improve Sales

Whether you are the owner of the dealership or a salesman for it, you know how important it is get the cars sold. It is what makes the business thrive, despite the challenging economy.

On top of the sales, it is also about keeping the operating expenses low to allow you to make more income. Rather than spending money on things that will make your income go to waste, like overhead expenses and energy usage.

How could you make this ideal state happen? It can be pretty simple. Increase the sales and revenues while working of decreasing expenses. One good way to decrease expenses is to use more efficient, less expensive light bulbs to light up the car showroom. Have you heard of LED light technology? This may just be the answer to your ballooning energy costs.

How can LED lights improve sales in the car dealership industry?

  • LED lights reduce energy consumption by as much as 75%. Such amount of reduction on energy use can bring about staggering savings for the company. Although there is a huge amount of savings, there isn’t any required change in terms of usage of the lights particularly its longevity. Since lights prove to be very useful in your dealership allowing clients to have a good look at the car models that you have, the potential for sales also increases as the lights continue to highlight the car features.
  • LED lights lasts two to three times longer compared to other types of light bulbs. This basically spells savings. And if you are the owner of a car dealership, this may hit two types of savings for you. First, it means you won’t have to replace it as often as you replace the bulbs that you use. That alone already means savings from your end. And second, because it reduced the time it needs for you to replace it, it reduced the time you need to hire someone to do the changing for you. In turn, both helps keep the replacement of the lights low allowing you to keep more of the money you earn.
  • LED lights offer better quality lighting and that says a lot when it comes to car dealership. The better lights you have means allowing your clients to see the car models better. Having a clear view of something that they like plus being able to ask you all the queries they may have about the car model makes for a good combination. Before you know it, you have just closed another deal in a breeze.

Three Ways Restaurants And Bars Can Use LED Lights

Decorations play a big role in convincing potential clients to come and dine in. For bars, their decorations spell out the ambience that they aim to create. Whether it brings about the Holiday cheer or inspires everyone to feel the love on Valentine’s day, the decorations of establishments such as restaurants and bars can either make or break its success.

Many homeowners pride themselves of the decorations that they are able to put up, storeowners shouldn’t be any different. In fact, it is a must that they put up decorations to help distinguish their store from its many competitors. So how can you make it happen with the use of LED light technology? Here are three ideas to do it:

  • Outline the store front with bright lights, colorful if possible.

Most people associate goodness to bright lights. So whether your restaurant is one of those in the mall strip or a stand-alone, outlining the store front with bright LED lights can make a huge difference. If it is impact you are looking for, then no customer could deny their attraction to your brightly lit store-front. You’ll be delighted to know that LED light technology offers its lights in various colors. Not only will your store lighting be unique, but it is also energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

  • Change Bar lighting to dim LED lighting.

The bar is usually the part of the restaurant or establishment that is dimly lit. Perhaps such type of lighting helps create the mood of solitude and peace. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t go for LED. In truth, LED lighting technology provides a wide array of options for bar and restaurant owners. It had its own set of light bulbs that can be used for mood lighting plans. These bulbs are not as bright as the ones you should use in the store-front, but they still highlight the drinks that you offer in the bar.

  • Spice up the Restaurant Signage with LED lights.

Much like the window display of your establishment, its signage is also a representation of it. At a glance, you should be able to attract clients to come in a try out the food and drinks that you offer. Keeping the signage well-lit shows consistency on your part and this is something that most clients want. It gives them a sense of security that you will be able to provide them with nothing less than consistently good service.

LED lighting technology indeed brings about a lot of new ways businesses can improve what they offer. All that one needs is to give it a try and that will make a whole lot of difference.

Save On Energy: Keep Your Parking Lot Well-Lit

Very often, in parking lots and a number of other places, lighting fixtures need to remain open 24/7. This leads to increase in the use of energy; thus increase in energy costs. As a result, business establishments result to dealing with two challenges – how to keep their parking spaces well-lit but at the same time, keep the maintenance and other costs low. Sadly, these two used to be on two opposite sides until LED light technology made it possible to achieve both at the same time.

Creating a warm and reassuring environment for your clients and guests has to be on top priority of the management. Luckily, using Led lights for your parking spaces does not only make it well-lit, but it allows you to keep on using it 24/7 without worrying about the ballooning costs it might take. The innovation is on saving the running costs by reducing the energy consumption by as much as 80%.

What’s more? LED light technology does not require you to have it replaced until after ten years or so. Studies show that LED light technology is used 24/7 comes with a life span of about 60,000 hours. So if you use it for less time than that, you could still lengthen its use and perhaps double it if you must. Another way of saving on energy costs is reducing it maintenance cost making it less convenient to use on your part.

It is safe to say that LED lighting in your parking space makes the space green and totally safe for the environment. It is the retrofit solution for all your security needs. It delivers good quality lighting with a lot of energy savings too. Nothing beats the performance of LED lights. It is easy to install, takes a long time before it needs to be replaced, and totally cost-effective. There is nothing like this technology that spells security and savings for all types of space, including your building’s parking space.

In the past, establishments spend too much to make sure that the cars and their clients remain secured no matter what time of day it is. Today, LED light technology has cut their electrical costs in half but doubled the security with a little less effort required.

Remodeling Your Home With LED Lights

Now that the fluorescent bulbs seem to have taken the back seat and everyone generally agrees that the CFLs that replaced them are also not so good, it is finally time for Led light technology to step in and save everyone. When it comes to light bulbs, consumers have a variety of options they could choose from. There is no shortage in options, but every home and business owner wants to understand why LED lights are better than all the rest.

Home remodeling has always been perceived as something that costs more than an arm and a leg. However, if budget is still an issue at this time, remodeling through the use of LED is made possible. They bring about natural-looking effect no matter what time of day it is. But how do you do it? Are all LED lights the same?

When LED light technology was introduced in the market, they came with price tags that are a bit over the budget. Some were taken aback when they saw how expensive each bulb costs. However, when they learned of its long-term effects on the overhead costs as well as the environment, they were convinced it was something that they needed. So if you are remodeling your home and thinking of using LED light bulbs, here are a few tips you must remember.

  • First, make sure that you use light bulbs that are warmer for the common areas in the house. The living room as well as the kitchen should be well-lit considering the functions they serve. You wouldn’t want to be cooking using all the wrong ingredients because you couldn’t clearly see what you were using. Or end up boring your guests because you couldn’t clearly see them so you didn’t talk that much when they came to the house? Warmer LED bulbs shine brighter that they mimic natural light.
  • Second, for the other parts of the house like the bathroom or the bedroom, you can use the cooler types of LED lights. They provide proper lighting but not as bright as the warmer ones. This type of LED bulbs are perfect for mood lighting. They encourage people to relax that putting themselves to sleep won’t be a problem anymore. After all, mood lighting helps put people in the right mood.

Home remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. In fact, merely changing the light bulbs and switching to LED could make a huge difference no one has imagined.

LED Facts You Must Know

The era of incandescent light bulbs has come to an end and it is time to move on to the next lighting technology available. Manufacturers have heard the call of consumers to produce more energy-efficient budget-friendly light bulbs to use for the home and office space. Consumers want something that’s bright enough to light the entire room but efficient enough to consume less energy despite longer hours of use. It seemed impossible then, but not when LED lighting technology came into the market.

Not everyone is using Led bulbs yet. Some may have their hesitations because they have grown accustomed to using incandescent light bulbs. And then there are others who shy away from LED lights because they cost a bit more than the bulbs that they use. Perhaps it would help them decide to choose LED when they discover a few more facts about LED lighting technology.

  • Fact 1: LED lights are sustainable.

When it comes to the things that people use today, it is highly important that they only choose the ones that are sustainable. The idea of sustainability encompasses the concepts of longevity, quality and savings. When you choose to use LED, you are allowing yourself to use the bulbs for a longer period of time. At an average, a LED bulb that is used 12 hours straight in a day will last a household for a good twenty years. You can only imagine how much longer you can use when you use it for much less time.

  • Fact 2: LED lights are highly efficient.

Whenever new technology claims to be energy-efficient, people to doubt whether it is actually possible for them to be, but not with LED lights. This lighting technology has allowed a lot of households to continuously use their LED light bulbs at home and not worry about the cost of their electricity. After all, each LED light bulb only uses as much as 15% of the energy that incandescent light bulbs use. It indeed spells high efficiency.

  • Fact 3: LED lights are cheaper in the long run.

Perhaps one of the setbacks of LED light technology is its cost. Today, buying a single LED light bulbs can mean a little bit over the budget, but it is cheaper in the long run. Can you imagine not needing to replace your light bulbs after ten to twenty years of use? Or can you imagine using the lights at the same amount of time, but paying your electric bill for much less? Indeed, nothing spells savings than LED light technology.

LED FAQs: What Everyone Needs To Know

Before you buy a number of LED light bulbs to have all the incandescent light bulbs in your home replaced, here are some of the questions you might have in mind and the answers that will clear everything. With a thorough understanding of LED light technology and how you can benefit from it, you won’t have second thoughts about the money you are putting in every light bulb.

  • What does LED stand for?

Light Emitting Diode is more popularly known as LED. It is a new lighting technology that is designed to make home lighting more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • How long does a LED light last?

Led light bulbs are notable for their long lifespan. Compared to ordinary incandescent light bulbs, LED lights have a life rating of about 50,000 hours. This is about fifty times longer than the lifespan of a regular bulbs. This basically means that if the lights were used for 12 straight hours a day, it could last for about 11 years. If used less than that each day, it could last for a good 15 years or so.

  • Where can LED lights be used?

LED lights can be sued almost everywhere. Whether it is in your home or your office space, LED lights can be used to replace the old ones that you have. They can be used for MR reflectors, A-shapes, under cabinet and even for decorative purposes. When used with dimming devices, it is advised that the Led bulbs be tested first if they come with the right color and brightness.

  • What will you get if you switch to LED?

There are numerous advantages when one chooses to switch to suing LED lights. For one, they do not consume as much electricity as the ordinary bulbs. They have also been rated for their lifespan making them last longer than incandescent bulbs. They produce very little to no heat despite long usage. They are less likely to contribute to damaging agents to the environment as they are made with very little chemical content.

  • Will the switch be worth it?

The worthiness of LED bulbs depends a lot on what you expect. If you wish it were something similar to what you’re used to, then you might be disappointed. LED light technology is the new technology that gives people the opportunity for savings. It will be worth it when you realize that not only are you benefiting from it, but you are helping the environment as well.

Warehouse Lighting: What Fixtures Should You Have?

Lighting technology has never stopped improving. At the time when fluorescent lights were the only option, people were in search for something more reliable and less expensive, then came the CLFs. But because people keep on looking for something economic and environment friendly, experts came up with LED lighting technology and it looks like it is everything that people have ever hoped for.

If you are in the business of keeping warehouses, you must be in search for lighting fixtures that will help keep the space well-lit minus the cost. Rather than buying all the types of lights and trying them out for yourself, here is a list of the top lighting fixtures available in the market that might just be the perfect fit.

Some of these lights may not appeal to you, but there is definitely one or two of them that will suit your needs. Read about the top LED lights that are made available for warehouse lighting this year:

  • High Bay Retrofit

Replacing old, outdated fixtures can be a real pain considering the height of the ceiling. This easy to install LED high bay retrofit makes the process so much easier. Not only does it require the owner longer times to use it, meaning less time to have it replaced, but it comes with a replacement that does not require the replacement of the entire fixture, meaning minus the hassle.

  • Linear LED Aisle Fixture

This is a great fit for warehouses simply because it provides the kind of bright lighting that the space requires. Despite the obvious huge distance between the ceiling to the floor, the bright lights of the LED linear fixture keeps the aisles of the warehouse well-lit. Whether it is for mere walking traffic or for aisle storage space, this lighting fixture definitely serves its purpose.

  • Full Fixture High Bay

If you are looking for entirely new fixtures instead of the regular retrofit replacement kit, this full fixture high bay may be what you need. Instead of merely replacing the bulb with a LED one, it might be better and more efficient to have the entire fixture replaced with the new and more reliable Led lighting system. After all, the entire system is designed to provide your warehouse with proper lighting minus the costs.

Whichever of these lighting fixtures you end up buying for your warehouse, you will be able to get what you paid for – high efficiency good lighting.

LED Lights In The Parking Lot: What Are Its Benefits?

Are you an owner of an establishment that comes with a parking lot? It may look like a simple open space to others, but to you, it is one of the most difficult places to cover and maintain. Apart from good lighting, parking lots must come with their own security features to ensure that the cars and other belongings of your clients remain safe where they parked it.

Because of the great risk that comes with parking lots, establishment and business owners spend a lot of their time, money and effort to ensure that the security of this space is well-provided for. As the owner, the burden of keeping it safe at all times rests on your shoulders. You must be able to choose to right space design, lighting and other facilities that could help make the parking lot the most secured space for your client’s vehicles.

With LED lighting fixtures, you can get lighting that rivals if not exceeds your expectations. It means, you can get that parking lot well0lit with bright lights that radiates like that of natural light using only a fraction of the energy you used to use. But savings on electricity costs is not the only benefit that you can get from LED lighting. Here are some other things you can expect when you use it for your parking lot:

  • LED lights have a higher color rendering technology than its counterpart, which means it can give you truer kind of light that mimics that of natural light.
  • It has a wonderful white light technology that won’t gradually fade through time. It does not change hue. Instead, it just turns off on its own when it needs to be replaced.
  • Led fixtures have been rated to have a longer lifespan than its competitors, which means spending less because you don’t have to buy a new one soon and because you won’t waste time changing it too soon.

Is it possible for you to keep the open field of pavement well-lit without going bankrupt because your energy bill is too high you couldn’t afford it? Yes, it is. Though it used to be impossible, parking lot owners nowadays can turn to LED lighting technology to help illuminate and space and keep it well-lit at all times. There is no way that you can get the space secured without lighting fixtures, but there is a way you can get them well-lit without breaking an arm and a leg. That is when LED lighting comes in handy.

LED-Lit Hotel: Making It A Destination To Remember

How do hotels make sure that they get their share of clients? Creating a unique experience that will be memorable is the key to capturing customer attention and in turn gaining their loyalty. At the same times, it is important for hotel owners to focus on reducing costs by finding sustainable solutions to their electric needs. Doing so will not only make the establishment energy-efficient, but it could help reduce overall cost of operations; thus, reducing the cost of their accommodations.

With LED lighting technology, hotels can welcome, entertain and guide every guests that comes in their doorstep without spending much on operational and energy costs. From personalized mood lighting to LED lighting in hotel wayfinding and displays, there is no doubt that a LED-lit hotel is the destination to remember.

How can hotels use LED lights?

  • Attractive Facades should make a stunning landmark. Not only will it ensure that your hotel stands out from its competitors, but it will create a landmark that will put it on the map. You can turn your hotel building into a landmark that will turn heads by using LED light bulbs to light it up. When you partner with a creative designer, you can turn the façade of your hotel into something that everyone would love.
  • Is it possible to create magical effects with LED lights? With luminous textile and bright lighting, you can create possibly anything that you want. The brightness of the LED bulbs depends on how much energy it consumes. Not all of them are as bright as those that you use in the hotel façade, there are those that are perfect for the dim effect that you want to achieve.
  • Enrich hotel interiors with luminous lighting. You can set a happy, festive mood with the right LED light bulbs. Every part of the hotel can be lit differently and as long as they serve their purpose, your guests will surely appreciate what you offer them. Room lighting can be adjusted based on what they want and that’s something that guests will truly appreciate.

There are so many other things that hotel owners can do with LED lights. When combined with determination and creativity, your hotel can embody the safety and savings that LED light technology is all about.