LED Flood Lights For Commercial Property Owners: Is It For You Too?

Does your outdoor lighting needs changing? It has been installed only last year and it is that time again to have it replaced? If you are thinking about buying the same type of lights as that of last year, then you better stop to think twice. Not only will it mean replacing the flood lights again next year, but it means total inefficiency on the building’s end. It will mean double the cost too which is going to be bad for business.

Before the flood lights in your commercial space falls apart or the strong rain starts to fall from the sky, it is best to rethink the type of bulbs that you should replace it with. Something needs to be done before any disaster strikes in and make the condition of these flood lights worst. Are you considering getting LED Flood Lights for a change?

Here are the things you can expect:

  • They can make a building look fantastic. When it is properly installed and its wirings are put in place, you can expect them to work wonders in how your building will appear from the outside. It will dramatically enhance the appearance of the building, not to mention its energy and cost efficiency too.
  • The building with LED flood lights will look more professional, especially during the night. It will surely attract more clients. Remember that appearance of the building and the work space says a lot about the quality of work or products that you can provide. They matter to your clients so they should matter to you too.
  • The use of LED flood lights for your outer space means having more light using less energy. When less energy is used, it means less expenses for the company in terms of electric costs. Led flood lights can roughtly save the company 30% of the total electricity cost without compromising proper lighting of the building.
  • Lastly, LED flood lights require less maintenance costs. They may seem too costly now compared to the regular bulbs that you buy, but they require less frequent replacement. In fact, LED bulbs don’t need to be replaced even after ten years or longer. You can only imagine how much savings that would mean for the company.

Choosing the right kind of flood light for your company will make a huge difference not only in costs, but in efficiency as well. When you are using high quality lights, you don’t have to worry about not being efficient enough to provide for your clients.

Are LED Lights Worth The Investment?

What if someone tells you that they have a product that will help slash as much as 20% off your monthly electric bill, would you believe them? Perhaps you would not. It seems too impossible to have a product that will be able to help you save on electric costs, considering that everything else in your environment are sold at higher prices. If you want to save on electricity, the best thing to do is not to use it. But that is not an option for you.

What if you could save up as much as 20% on your monthly bills but you will be required to change all the light bulbs that you use in the house? In truth, if you want to save on monthly electricity costs, changing the light bulbs will be the first thing that you would have to consider. LED light bulbs only use a fraction of the energy that regular light bulbs use, but they can be very expensive to buy at the moment since it is still considered new technology.

A light bulb that will cost roughly $25 each is expensive right? Seeing the price tag on each one might make you even more reluctant to make the switch. Perhaps the only question left to ask yourself is whether these LED light bulbs are worthy of their cost. What should you consider before you decide to buy these bulbs?

First, consider buying LED light bulbs to replace the lights in the house that everybody uses. Maybe those in the kitchen and in the bathroom should be replaced first. When you see even the slightest change in your electric bill due to the change you made in the light bulbs in the common area in the house, then you should absolutely consider replacing each bulb in the house with LED.

Second, the length of your stay in that house should be put into consideration too. Because LED delivers longevity in its use; thus, if you don’t plan to stay long in that house, it might not be a good investment to buy LED bulbs. But if you are already staying in your permanent home, then there’s no reason for you not to invest in LED lights. After all, it can save you much because you’ll be able to use it for a good ten years or so.

How often you use the lights in the house should not be an issue when you decide to replace them with LED. After all, each time you decide to turn on the lights, you are only spelling savings on your end for a long period of time.

Why LED Lighting Over Everything Else

Every business owner is looking for ways to save on costs, but they don’t want to compromise the quality of items that they buy for their business. Most of them are looking for energy-efficient solutions to lower overhead expenses every month. Is there an easy way to cut down energy costs by as much as 30%? The answer is pretty simple – switch from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting and you won’t have to worry about ballooning energy costs in a month.

Did you know that an incandescent light bulb is more of a heater than a light source? More than 80% of its energy is converted to heat making it outrageously the worst thing to use for your business space when your goal is to be energy efficient and cost effective. This hot light source could also bring about a lot of risks for fire; thus, making it extremely dangerous for those in business.

Fluorescent bulbs have become another alternative. However, since these items contain mercury, they come with health risks that everyone should be aware of. Furthermore, fluorescent bulbs are prone to breaking easily, allowing its neurotoxin elements to taint your office space. People who may be exposed to such are prone to suffering serious health condition especially complications in the brain.

LED lights have become the ultimate alternative to these energy inefficient and dangerous light bulbs. Perhaps the only problem that people have on using LED is the fact that each bulb may cost twice the price of the bulbs that they usually buy. Because the cost may seem unbearable at this time, it is important to note that LED bulbs do not need to be replaced even after two decades of use or even longer. If only people would look at its longevity, the price it’s sold for should not matter at all.

Why should you go for LED lighting over every other option available in the market? Because you only want the best for your business, then that’s exactly what you could give through LED bulbs. It is cost-efficient because it comes with a longer lifetime, plus it is energy efficient too. It only uses a third of what a regular light bulb would use. There is nothing more energy and cost efficient as LED lights.

More than the benefits that your business will enjoy, LED lights are environment friendly too. They do not contain toxic materials and they are 100% recyclable too. Indeed, there is nothing greater than the LED lighting technology for your business space. It is like buying something you can sincerely benefit from.

Retail Store Lighting With LED

Business needs good lighting. Some industries depend a lot on good lighting. It makes a huge difference between selling and not selling anything within the day. A retail store’s presentation of goods need good lighting to ensure that the presentation itself will be able to convince clients to buy something, anything from the racks. From showcases to display lighting to store fixtures, it is very important that retail store owners look into making the switch from ordinary bulbs to LED lighting fixtures.

Asking the lighting experts questions about how LED lighting can help your retail business thrive should shed more light to why you need to make an investment.

Here are some of the important questions you need to ask:

  • What type of lighting does my store need?

Different stores have different lighting needs. A clothes rack may settle with warehouse lighting while a jewelry store may require highlight, track and general lighting. The goal of proper lighting is to shed some light on your products and highlight the best parts of each one. the kind of lighting that you need depends a lot on the industry you are in.

  • Will LED lighting help me sell my products?

LED lighting technology will definitely make a huge difference in how clients see your products. If you own a store that sells cosmetics, then you better invest in Led lighting that makes it look like your clients are putting on make-up with natural lighting highlighting them. LED lighting is also best for stores that sell clothes because it brings out the natural color of each one, making sure that the clothes’ color does not change when clients get home and look at it using their LED lighting at home.

  • Will LED lighting help in my product display?

Whether your products are laid flat on a table or displayed on a stand, LED lighting will help highlight them. The way your product will be displayed says a lot about the size of the LED bulbs that you should use. Proper lighting to your products helps convince clients to make a purchase. After all, the lighting fixtures you put should tell them subtly that they want to make a purchase because they want to, even if they don’t need to.

Retail LED lighting can be a very helpful tool for your business success if only you’d give it a try.

Types of Retail Store Lighting

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to improve your current retail store ambience? The type of lighting that you need depends a lot on the type of industry you are in. The products that you sell as well as the message you intend to send to your chosen clientele will help you decide how to position the lights in your retail store.

However, apart from the mood lighting techniques that you can apply, there are basic types of retail store lighting that you have to consider. To ensure that you will get the intended results, it is important to choose the best type of light bulbs available in the market today. You need something that is energy-efficient, environment-friendly and something that could promise longevity. There is no light bulb that could deliver all three qualifications and more than LED light technology.

What areas in the retail store need LED lighting?

  • General Lighting – General Lighting also called ambient lighting refers to the main lighting of the store. These are the lights that make sure that your customers feel at ease because the store does not feel dark and gloomy. You must have enough general lighting to help your customers move and find their way around the store.
  • Task Lighting – This is the type of lighting that you put in areas of the store that needs more focused lighting than the others. It is intended for specific areas in the store that requires more lighting so that the people can perform certain tasks. Moreover, such type of lighting is best when LED light technology is sued because it will enhance performance and efficiency of the people while doing their jobs.
  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting will make your products pop. When accent lighting is added to a certain area of the retail store, is exudes a certain kind of importance that will make a particular product stand out. This type of lighting may be used for new products on display or that ones that are on sale.
  • Decorative Lighting – This type of lighting solely functions for the purpose of adding beauty to the store. Decorative lighting also makes an area look more sophisticated than the others allowing certain areas in your retail store to get more attention. This type of lighting fixtures includes chandeliers, intricate wall fixtures and custom design fixtures.

Imagine you installed LED lights on the following areas of your retail store. What would be its effect?