LED Facts You Must Know

LED Facts You Must Know

The era of incandescent light bulbs has come to an end and it is time to move on to the next lighting technology available. Manufacturers have heard the call of consumers to produce more energy-efficient budget-friendly light bulbs to use for the home and office space. Consumers want something that’s bright enough to light the entire room but efficient enough to consume less energy despite longer hours of use. It seemed impossible then, but not when LED lighting technology came into the market.

Not everyone is using Led bulbs yet. Some may have their hesitations because they have grown accustomed to using incandescent light bulbs. And then there are others who shy away from LED lights because they cost a bit more than the bulbs that they use. Perhaps it would help them decide to choose LED when they discover a few more facts about LED lighting technology.

  • Fact 1: LED lights are sustainable.

When it comes to the things that people use today, it is highly important that they only choose the ones that are sustainable. The idea of sustainability encompasses the concepts of longevity, quality and savings. When you choose to use LED, you are allowing yourself to use the bulbs for a longer period of time. At an average, a LED bulb that is used 12 hours straight in a day will last a household for a good twenty years. You can only imagine how much longer you can use when you use it for much less time.

  • Fact 2: LED lights are highly efficient.

Whenever new technology claims to be energy-efficient, people to doubt whether it is actually possible for them to be, but not with LED lights. This lighting technology has allowed a lot of households to continuously use their LED light bulbs at home and not worry about the cost of their electricity. After all, each LED light bulb only uses as much as 15% of the energy that incandescent light bulbs use. It indeed spells high efficiency.

  • Fact 3: LED lights are cheaper in the long run.

Perhaps one of the setbacks of LED light technology is its cost. Today, buying a single LED light bulbs can mean a little bit over the budget, but it is cheaper in the long run. Can you imagine not needing to replace your light bulbs after ten to twenty years of use? Or can you imagine using the lights at the same amount of time, but paying your electric bill for much less? Indeed, nothing spells savings than LED light technology.

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