Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED LightingLess Headache, more money saved, less maintenance costs these are so many benefits of going with commercial LED lighting. These are just a few points you will hear from every LED provider.

We understand the business of business owners and it is our goal to ensure that you never have to worry things such as lighting or maintaining your lights. We offer a full warranty not only on our light-bulb burning out but also losing color over time. Give us a call at any time and we can make sure we service you.


  • 10 year average lifetime Full warranty
  • Full warranty no questions asked on our bulbs
  • Eliminate day to day maintenance associated with short bubl light Fully
  • Recyclable – help eliminate landfill waste

Most Efficient Lighting – LED give you the most light per watt helping cut down on your power bill

Estimated Cost of bulbs over 25,000 hours

Price : $178.50

Halogen Lighting

5.5x more

Price : $51.95

CFL Lighting

Almost 2x more

Price : $32.95

LED Lighting