Dealership LED Lighting

Led LightingAre you looking for a great way to draw a line of difference between you and your competition? Then you should look into the installation of LED lighting. This system of LED lighting that we provide will create a curb appeal, leading more potential clients into your doors.

From showrooms to offices down to the service bays, LED lighting will surely bring more life into your auto dealership space. Moreover, LED Lighting system cuts down energy costs by 50-500% ( depenging on your current lighting) allowing you to save on overhead expenses. Want more? LED lights are virtually maintenance-free, with a life lasting longer than any other lighting solutions available in the market today.

LED lighting system is definitely what you need. It will make your auto dealership fully equipped!


  • 10 year average lifetime Full warranty
  • Full warranty no questions asked on our bulbs
  • Eliminate day to day maintenance associated with short bubl light Fully
  • Recyclable – help eliminate landfill waste

Most Efficient Lighting – LED give you the most light per watt helping cut down on your power bill.

Estimated Cost of bulbs over 25,000 hours

Price : $178.50

Halogen Lighting

5.5x more

Price : $51.95

CFL Lighting

Almost 2x more

Price : $32.95

LED Lighting