Home LED Lighting

Our home lighting solution is simple ”gear up for the next 10 years”. We will help you make a investment to lower your power bill as well as save you a ton of time and evergy by constantly making trips to buy bulbs as well as take the energy to change them.


  • 10 year average lifetime Full warranty
  • Full warranty no questions asked on our bulbs
  • Eliminate day to day maintenance associated with short bubl light Fully
  • Recyclable – help eliminate landfill waste

Most Efficient Lighting – LED give you the most light per watt helping cut down on your power bill.

Estimated Cost of bulbs over 25,000 hours

Price : $178.50

Halogen Lighting

5.5x more

Price : $51.95

CFL Lighting

Almost 2x more

Price : $32.95

LED Lighting