Industrial LED Lighting

Are you looking for an efficient means to cut down on energy cost as well as cut down on maintnance costs. Make that switch to LED bulbs or lighting in your industrial space. With even more lumens per LED now more then ever LED can light up your spacer brighter and cheaper.With this in mind, our team is here to help you make your industrial space truly assiduous.

We also want to make sure that your workplace can go about a typical work day without worrying about flickering lights. You don’t even have to worry about the lights burning out too quickly. Our LED lights are the long term solution for lighting problems in industrial spaces. As well peace of mind is important this is why we offer a 5 year no questions asked warrenty to ensure you full trust in our products.


  • 10 year average lifetime Full warranty
  • Full warranty no questions asked on our bulbs
  • Eliminate day to day maintenance associated with short bubl light Fully
  • Recyclable – help eliminate landfill waste

Most Efficient Lighting – LED give you the most light per watt helping cut down on your power bill.

Estimated Cost of bulbs over 25,000 hours

Price : $178.50

Halogen Lighting

5.5x more

Price : $51.95

CFL Lighting

Almost 2x more

Price : $32.95

LED Lighting