Parkade LED Lighting

Having a well-lit parkade comes with a number of benefits and on top of the list is guaranteed safety. Energy efficiency may come in second and that’s exactly what every business establishment would want. Not only does it reduce energy costs, but it brings down overhead expenses in the long run.

When you choose to install LED lights in the parkade of your building space, you must cautiously consider several factors like the ceiling height, corners, ramps and other structural obstructions that may get in the way. We make sure that we provide you with not just LED lights, but an entire system of LED light with sensor equipping that requires little to no maintenance cost.

The quality of our service as well as our LED products aims at addressing various safety issues at hand. Modern well-lit parkades ensures the safety and security of pedestrians and car owners alike.


  • 10 year average lifetime Full warrant
  • Full warranty no questions asked on our bulbs
  • Eliminate day to day maintenance associated with short bubl light Fully
  • Recyclable – help eliminate landfill waste

Most Efficient Lighting – LED give you the most light per watt helping cut down on your power bill.

Estimated Cost of bulbs over 25,000 hours

Price : $178.50

Halogen Lighting

5.5x more

Price : $51.95

CFL Lighting

Almost 2x more

Price : $32.95

LED Lighting